Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to Yiimtii

Yiimtii means Eagle Mountain, in Zapoteco, the ancestral language of these mountains. Here, in the Sierra Madre del Sur, mountains meet ocean, dolphins, whales, (eagle) rays leap in giant splashes.  Eagles, ospreys, frigate birds and hawks soar high above the forest.

Yiimtii was born as a family project in search of sharing this magical landscape and awakening consciousness towards a more sustainable way of life.


  1. I've never seen so many birds in my life...osprey, frigate birds, vultures, crows. The ocean is so clean and blue. Our hosts, Naim and Marytere, treated us like kings.

  2. A total immersion experience. It was profound, yet gentle. Life looks very different now that I've returned to the Bay Area (San Francisco). What I garnered in my short stay at yiimtti has me looking at the world with new eyes.

  3. Un hermoso rincón en la costa de Oaxaca. Ya extraño el canto de los pájaros y el sonido del mar. En Yiimtii siempre me re-encuentro con la persona que en verdad quiero ser.