Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turtle Rescue

Early morning we saw turtle tracks down on the beach. We got ready to go down and do the usual, once we have located the exact spot of the nest, we try to make a mess around it, dig a big hole near it so the turtle egg hunters get all confuse and think someone else has got the eggs first. It works all the time. But for once to our surprise, not just the tracks were there but the turtle was still there!!! Towards the end of the trail going down, very deep in the forest, the dogs started barking at something and we discovered the turtle all tangled up in vines and trapped. Anyway, it was quite a rescue... Rodolfo broke her loose and between him and Naim they tried to carry it all the way to the path. We don't even know how she got so far in because it is pretty thick and full of cactus. Only she knows...but she must have been looking for as high ground as possible, her instinct telling her that the tides would come higher this year... She was exhausted. Later on we discovered why, her tracks were all over the beach, she had tried to dig several nests but it seemed none of the locations really convinced her. Anyway, when she felt free she went directly for the ocean, with some help here and there and some histerical flapping on her part anytime it was necessary to lift her up. We were sorry to not be able to communicate with her that we were just trying to help. She must have been scared to dead of us and plus the barking of the dogs. If it was me I would have had a heart attack.

What a great relief to see her go, swimming in the waves... and we wondered if she would come again the next day... and she did, but she just hasn't found the right spot yet. Hopefully she will tonight if she comes back. Turtles lay her eggs on the beach they were born, so I guess she has no other option but finding the right place for her nest here.

What wonderful animals they are, no wonder why they are icons of Mother Earth... Sacred Ancient and Wise Beings...
It is impressing the way they are born, working so hard digging themselves out of their nest without any maternal love near them to help them deal with such immensity as they face the world... the beach and then the ocean and all the predators in between as well... How inspiring that such small creatures can accomplish something so grand as to survive... and then come back one day and repeat the cycle for the sake of the species.
May all the turtles of this Earth be safe and healthy and happy...
May they prevail...
Thankyou so much Turtle for letting us be so close to You... We'll always remember You.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friendly Critters

Walter and his fabulous chirping siblings insure premium dinnertime entertainment at YiiMtii Retreat, complete with the Gecko Chorus, sound of lapping waves, and moonlight to sooth the soul.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm lying in a hammock, feeling the warm breeze blow through the cabin here are yiimtii. Outside is in, surrounding me with the sounds of lapping waves, bird calls and geckos. I am alone and alive in a magical place on the planet.

Come. BE at YiiMtii... BE....