Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ephimeral Yellow Blossoms

Five Days after the first rainfall, the Ocotines of the forest dress themselves in yellow blossoms. The blossoms only last two days on the tree and then they form yellow carpets on the ground. What a sight!

Sacred life giving Rain

Rains are back these year... It is always surprising to see the forest be reborn again. It takes less than a week to notice the green scenery. At the third day you could see the green sprouting:

And after 10 days this is how it looks like:


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birding it out!!!

The NIGHT of May 24th-25th The Jabirus stopped at Yiimtii for the second year that we notice them. They stopped for the night, like last year, that the majority of them stopped at the Dead Old Ocotin Structure, which this year became the Star-Gazing Tower, which this time they by-passed it probably surprised by the feathered turtle shell that hangs as a shild on top of the tower, they chose an overlooking tree a little bit further. The Jabirus are like storks, mentioned as the largest flying bird of North America, although I still have my doubts compared with the Condor. In the morning they took off with the same ritual, all of them gathering and flying in circles for a while, aligning the formation one by one, calling the others from other trees.

I feel honored and am in awe, to witness this migration pattern, having them over for the night... every year... like best friend visitors.


A ride on a boat, through the mangrove, with the lulling of the song -rows in water-, we find this nest:


It is the first time in all of my life in Yiimtii that I see a Raptor so close to us. Today she landed on our passion flower trellis. She seemed to be a youngster. What a big gift to see her eye to eye:

Sometimes Owls appear at dusk... singing and blinking... but they never come as close.